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Protection RG Cushion Tuloni mod. ZOE col. BExOxBR Art. NKV-SHK07 (Code: NKV-SHK07-BExOxBR)

Protection RG Cushion Tuloni.
(mod. ZOE, Logo.)

Bright multicolour Protection RG Cushion TULONI. Universal soft cushion for training. Provides the maximum comfort and serves for uniform distribution of load of muscles. Protects the gymnast's legs from damages. The cushion can be used as a usual rug. If necessary easily is scrolled and moves on a leg from foot to a knee. One universal size for all age. Necessary accessory for any gymnast.. It has been produced of a high-quality and thin and strong polyamide. The model - ZOE. The bright colours, the elegant patterns and soft crossings of the colour shades create an enjoyable atmosphere and rise the self-confidence of the young girl.

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